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Your daughter in the shower with a boy?

We must stop Sen. Scott Wagner to protect our most vulnerable family members. Stop Sen. Wagner from forcing girls to share their locker rooms and showers with boys and from forcing schools to teach transgender ideology to children.

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Is this really “fairness”?

Learn the truth about Scott Wagner

As a PA Senator, Scott Wagner has sided with liberal Gov. Tom Wolf to co-sponsor the Pennsylvania Fairness Act — a name that couldn’t be more misleading. Fairness? Tell that to the children whose locker rooms and showers are being forced open to the opposite sex.

When hundreds of concerned parents called his sponsorship into question, Sen. Wagner lied right to them about the “Fairness” Act — legislation that he not only co-sponsored, but pushed out of committee for the Senate to pass.

In reality, the PA Fairness Act changes everything about how we deal with bathrooms. Pennsylvania students have already sued over the policy at a local level and lost their right to privacy, safety, and dignity. And now Sen. Wagner wants to impose this law on the entire state? How many more children will have their bodily privacy violated before Scott Wagner admits that his law harms all women and children?

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Protect the vulnerable

There are compassionate solutions that work for all students, and our schools have the duty to implement them. But under Scott Wagner’s “Fairness” Act, it will be illegal for schools to create commonsense policies that protect the privacy of all children. Already in Pennsylvania, students have been told that they should “tolerate” members of the opposite sex using their locker rooms, and try to make it “natural.”

It’s bad enough that Governor Wolf has tried to push gender ideology on Pennsylvanians for the past three years. Why would we want “Conservative” Scott Wagner to continue it?

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