Scott Wagner’s “Unfairness Act”

In May of 2016, Scott Wagner issued an official statement about his sponsorship of SB 974, the so-called “Fairness” Act, in which he flat out lies about the effects of the bill. He says that the bill “changes absolutely nothing about the way that bathrooms are dealt with, in spite of claims to the contrary,” citing the Pennsylvania cities, like Philadelphia, that already have laws similar to the “Unfairness Act.”

This is simply a lie.

Under these laws, students have already lost a lawsuit after the school created a policy to violate their bodily privacy. The law that Wagner sponsors extends this policy to create a statewide institution for sexual harassment.

And it gets worse. Wagner not only co-sponsored the bill, but was the committee chairman who moved it forward to a vote in the Senate. He literally pushed this upon Pennsylvanians:

“It’s time to force the debate. It’s time to move this [bill] and force the conversation”

– Jason High, Scott Wagner’s Chief of Staff

Learn more about how Scott Wagner’s “Unfairness Act” persecutes religious and reasonable people here.

On at least one issue, Scott Wagner is no different than Tom Wolf…

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