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The law hurts children

Is it fair to force a school to open girls restrooms to male students?

Student sues Pennsylvania school district for sexual harassment, violation of personal privacy

The law hurts women

A Conservative Defense of Women’s Rights

Transgender boy competes in girls high school championship races

The law wouldn’t allow schools to remove teachers who teach gender ideology to kindergarteners, even at the parents’ requests

Florida teacher who asked students to use gender-neutral pronouns gets transferred

After Trans Discussion, Kindergartener ‘Came Home Crying And Shaking So Afraid She Could Turn Into A Boy’

The law hurts sexual abuse survivors

I Didn’t Believe Feminists Until The Trans Lobby Attacked Me

The law shuts down Christian hospitals for not performing sex-change surgeries

Catholic hospital sued for denying sex reassignment surgery

The law treats loving, tolerant religious people like racists

The Real Impacts of HB1510 / SB974 on People of Faith: Religious Liberty

The law uses the government to compel speech against people’s consciences

Blaine Adamson: A Voice for True Fairness

Is this really “fairness”?

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